Just as the terms postwar, postcolonial, and even postmodern mark the contours of new social realities shaped in the aftermath of certain historical ruptures, postcollapse defines our emergent contemporary since the fall of the Berlin Wall.




Postcollapse life is waking up one morning to find your passport no longer has a corresponding country. It’s saving money from your factory job for thirty years only to find the currency suddenly obsolete. It’s going from feeling frustrated about missing your bus, to relieved for escaping the Molotov cocktail that engulfed its passengers in flames.

postcollapse book


“East”-In-Formation: An Anti-Source Sourcebook to an Era of Postcollapse is an Internet-based experimental book that defines the postcollapse era. It assembles short stories based on real events alongside a body of artistic practices that emerge from east of the former Berlin Wall to the Great Wall of China since the early 1990s.

MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture is our artist-run space and think tank in Portland, Oregon. This is where we create, curate, collaborate!



Postcollapse Art Network is a resource for artists, curators, and arts professionals hailing from Eastern Europe, Western and Central Asia. Membership is open to those whose professional and intellectual practice is connected with this region and its diaspora.

Ilknur Demirkoparan and Vuslat D. Katsanis


postcollapse.art explores contemporary art from the perspective of Eastern Europe, Western and Central Asia, and their diasporas since the early 90s. It has three distinct parts: an experimental anti-source-sourcebook, currently underway; an artist-run project space in Portland, OR; and an online artists network. 

postcollapse.art is founded by Ilknur Demirkoparan and Vuslat D. Katsanis, also known as the IronBreaker Sisters, a multidisciplinary collaborative duo. As individuals and partners, their work explores complex pasts, volatile presents, and uncertain futures. While Vuslat’s scholarly research investigates stillness as resistance in film, art, and literature, Ilknur’s multimedia art practice concentrates on the formation of hyper-accentuated identities and the absurd narratives surrounding them.