Mineastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture

Mineastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture (MPAC) is a curatorial project dedicated to emerging artists from Eastern Europe, Western and Central Asia and their diasporas. Partnering with nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations, MPAC’s aim is to curate exhibitions that promote artists whose formative years either coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall or who were born immediately following its collapse.

Our inaugural exhibition, The Other Is Not (2019), at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, brought together three Turkish-born American artists whose works ranged from painting, digital and multimedia art, and interactive installation. The artists, who had initially connected under emergency conditions in Los Angeles during the Gezi crisis in Turkey, share a history of collaborative and activist work. The Other Is Not looked back at that history while reconsidering diasporic practice under renewed extremist politics in the US.

An upcoming exhibition will bring together three women artists from Muslim-majority postcollase states working independently: one from the former Eastern Bloc in the Balkans, one from a former state of the Soviet Union, and one wedged between the rubble of a demolished Middle East and the construction zone of an emergent Near East. Whereas religion gave cause to their disregard, becoming quite literally targets of hatred at various points in their histories, each of the artists produces work that patiently and stubbornly reincarnates their annihilated pasts.

Currently, we are in partnership with Art Centar in Gračanica for a group exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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